Our hotel is based on team work as well as autonomy, development, inclusion, well-being and performance. Those values are our strength to attract and retain our co-workers.

We want to hire women and men full of talent, interested in sharing our values and participating to the evolution of our hotel in a work that brings purpose to their life.

  • RA mutual trust
  • REquality of chances in the hiring process
  • RAn enterprise based on transparency
  • RCommunication : a particuliar attention and free-talk with all our co-workers
  • REquality women/ men : our different jobs are open to every one and our managers are all sensitized in anti-discrimination
  • RSupport for our students : improving their autonomy and self-confidence in the workship
  • RWe are looking for any level of study on different jobs in our hotel. Take the chance to be part of our team

Nous n'avons actuellement aucun poste à pourvoir - We currently have no vacancies.


    • R2 consecutive days off
    • RResting Room and fitted kitchen
    • RInteresting financial plans
    • RStaff Accomodation available
    • RFlexible schedules
    • RTraining catalogues to ensure our co-workers skill’s development